too fast.

Hyvää joulua!

               Merry Christmas!

       God Jul!

                             Feliz Navidad!

                 Glædelig Jul!

                                        Joyeux Noël!

     Froehliche Weihnachten!



                    take it easy.

                                                 it is christmas time.


we are bound to our bodies like an oyster is to its shell.

the body is the shell of the soul, and dress the husk of that shell; but the husk often tells what the kernel is


so beautiful.

i don’t have anything to say.


when you look at a cupcake.

you’ve got to smile.



                  white calm.

                                            was born into a swan.


at the ballet, you really feel like you are in the presence of something outside the rest of your life.

higher than the rest of your life.